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Beeswax Replenishment Bar

Beeswax Replenishment Bar

Screw Plastic
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Is your favorite Beeswax Wrap losing its cling?
It's easy to refresh them for an other 6-12 Months.

How to refresh a Beeswax Wrap:

- Heat oven to 350F
- Cover Baking Pan
- Place Beeswax Cloth on Baking Pan
- Grate Beeswax
- Sprinkle Wax on Cloth
- Place & leave in oven until wax melts

!Caution! Hot!

- Lift cloth by corners (use tongs)
- Let wax drip off & cool


1x Bar is enough to replenish a small or medium (11"x 11" or 11"x 12") Wrap
2x Bars are needed to create a new or large (15'x 15") Wrap