Klåru Hair Oil
Klåru Hair Oil
Klåru Hair Oil

Klåru Hair Oil

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Provides healthy hair, natural shine and frizz control.
Will not stiffen hair and will leave your hair silky smooth.

Great for styling, heat protection or as leave in conditioner.

How to:
Turn bottle upside down and twirl bottle to mix the oils.
Rub 2-3 drops (or as needed) between finger tips or hands.
Apply in a combing motion through damp or dry hair, in all directions for even coverage and to avoid over saturation.
Style and repeat as necessary for light coverage.

* Argan Oil
* Prickly Pear Seed Oil
* Abyssinian Oil
* Baobab Oil
Twig of Rosemary
Fragrance Oil (citrus, tropical spa scent)

Klåru Hair Oil