Wildflower Body Oils

Wildflower Body Oils

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Soaks in quickly, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth, without a greasy feeling.

- * Jojoba oil
- *Coconut oil
- *Avocado oil
- *Grapeseed oil
- Fragrance or Essential Oil


Infused with locally picked bluebonnets, primrose, dandelions, rosemary as well as tea grade jasmine and hibiscus 

Tested on Humans NOT animals!

Apply after shower or whenever your skin asks for more moisture.


Siren: fresh, floral (light scent)
Eden's Rain: fresh, rain-like (light scent)
Fresh Rose: smells exactly like fresh/dewy roses (light scent)
Cherry Blossom: Japanese cherry blossom, floral, spring (light scent)
Plumeria: sweet, floral, tropical (medium scent)
Bali: citrus/spa, energizing, tropical (medium scent)
Grapefruit & Herbs: citrus, sweet, fresh